Saturday, February 15, 2014

We Started as Collectors

Before we opened Hourglass Antiques & Collectibles, we were collectors. Bill was learning decoy carving and got interested in knives (folding pocket). That led to straight razors, and then, shaving mugs and barber bottles. As a boy, he collected comic books and rocks & minerals.

I started with Steiff animals, mostly teddy bears. Eventually I sold my other species and concentrated on bears. That led to children's storybooks about bears, post cards of teddy bears, and miniature creamers of every type to display with the bears. As a youngster, I had several nice dolls and a collection of dog figurines.

As any collector knows, this can become addictive. On occasion, you'll see something in a magazine, at a yard sale, or in an antique shop that will call out to you. Generally speaking, if it's within your budget and you have plenty of room for it, our motto is, "Do you take VISA?"

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