Sunday, July 13, 2014

Decorating with Vintage Photographs

You can find them at flea markets and antique shops, in old family albums, or in a box in your own attic! Each one tells a story about a distant place and time. Some people put up framed black & white photos of people they don't even know ~ because they can relate to the face in some way. We dealers call those pictures "instant relatives".

This is a wonderful picture of a Flapper Age woman in an opera coat. The hand colored photo was printed on glass along with the gold oval frame and the flowers. Circa 1926.

Here's a pair of sweet angels checking some kind of announcement or list. This is a post- card, circa 1910. You may purchase note cards with this image here:
Vintage Images on Etsy

This image seems like an innocent home snapshot but is actually a photo taken by a U.S. Farm Service Agency employee. It's titled, "Healthy white children", which gives the picture an entirely different meaning. Circa 1940's.

This last one is a professional (posed) photo with perfect composition and lighting. Circa 1890.

If you're planning a vintage photo collection, I know you'll have fun finding them and many years of enjoyment looking at them!