Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cottage Garden Ideas

Spring is "just around the corner" as we all say, so here are some interesting garden ideas from some very creative posts on social and other sites around the country ....

This is a great idea for sprucing up a birdbath. These are vintage insulators which make a colorful perch for birds when grouped together.  You can find them in green and other colors, but they're most common in clear and blue.

These insulators used to be seen in great quantity atop the telephone lines crisscrossing the country, and can still be found doing their job in long stretches of open road.   

A lot of bird species have been
photographed at this particular birdbath, but others like to visit when no one's looking.  For more images, including lots of bird species getting their bath on, visit:
Flea Market Gardening

Isn't this the lovliest garden idea? ~ using an old wagon to gather dried flowers.  It's a beautiful soft shade of, what else, lavender!  You could also plant it with a mix of flowers types, such as short and tall, colors and greenery, etc.  

I found this photo at a intensely inspirational FaceBook page:   Vintage Bohemian 

Or .... go with tall and overflowing in a vintage wheel-barrow.  It's nice the way the gardener put a gravel foundation in the same form below it.

This pic is from  the DIY Network   

Although there's nothing vintage in this one, it still grabs at my heart strings.  It's just plain dreamy!
Lon ny Magazine

So start planting those seeds now for a  bloomin' gorgeous Spring!


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